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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018 and 2019

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018 and 2019 Response
After reading about the many important and groundbreaking technologies that have been developed in 2018 and 2019, I learned that many of them have the potential to change the world. I had not heard of any of these technologies before reading this article, but a few of them stood out to me as I read about them. Technology that with the capability to predict if a child will be born prematurely interested me as it could change lives and could possibly prevent many of the birth defects and loss that come with premature birth. Technologies such as these may help improve the quality of life for many members of society and prevent the heartbreak some mothers may have to endure as the result of a premature birth. On the topic of health, custom cancer vaccines also caught my attention. So many people are affected by so many types of cancers and the pain and suffering these diseases bring helps no one in our society. The ability to treat speci…
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Fake or Real? Website Reviews

Fake or Real? Website Reviews
In order to text my ability in separating real websites on the internet from fake ones, I visited a number of sites and will be reviewing three of them.
Genochoice: This website attempts to sell their audience the ability to create their own genetically modified baby by using "state-of-the-art technology" to prevent their baby from experiencing diseases and conditions such as cancer and obesity. We are presented this information through Dr. Elizabeth Preatner, a prenatal geneticist and embryologist, who works at GenoChoice. In just clicking on this website, it is not hard to distinguish it as fake. The layout of the website is unprofessional and indicates that GenoChoice may not be as successful as they claim. Searching the image of Dr. Elizabeth Preatner on Google only brings reviews of this website claiming it as fake with no other images of Dr. Preatner appearing. The "DNA amplifiers" the website claims to use in their work do not se…

Pano Perspective

In these two photos I attempted to use the 'panodash' technique while taking pictures of my two younger sisters. In order to take these photos, I stood with my phone and switched my camera to panorama mode, instructed my sisters to pose until they were out of the frame of the photo, then had them run behind me and pose again until the photo reached its longest length. We had to try multiple times to get these final products because I had told them to run too early or told them to pose too late a few times, but we eventually got these pictures. I'm pleased with how these photos came out. I had fun watching my sisters come up with different poses on the spot and I think both of their pictures came out well for my first few tries using this technique. If I were to use this technique again, I'd like to change the setting and subject of the photos, or even try to create a scene. In all, I had fun using this technique and working with my sisters to create these photos, and …

Leading Lines

In these two photos I attempted to use the leading lines technique. In the first picture, I was standing at the bottom of the hill my house is on. This hill, which is covered by a street, is lined by houses and trees which then reaches a main road. By standing at a lower height of this hill and aiming my camera at a higher angle, the lines created by the curb of the street and the trees draw the viewer's attention to the top of the street. The second photo is taken on the same street but facing the opposite direction. This portion of the street ends on a cul-de-sac and is continued to be lined by houses and trees. I took this picture at a higher angle and by doing so, the viewer's eye is drawn to the end of the street. While I enjoy the landscape of these photos and I find the street photogenic, I think I could have utilized the leading lines technique better. There is no specific subject, such as a person or object, in these photos, so there is nothing distinct to draw the v…

Photo Lesson 6

Here is the photo I used before adding text and warping the text.

Here is the photo after I added text saying "Good Vibes".

Here is the photo after I added the text "Summertime" with a warp filter.